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Friday, September 4, 2009

Organizing Is Important

Alan and I had an actual argument, a week or two ago (just so you know I'm not fighting with him and then coming on-line and saying bad things...:)), about in-boxes. You see, being organized is how I deal with stress. If I haven't processed the papers in my in-box, I worry that I missed something. I don't sleep. I eat too much. It sounds silly, but it really affects my life.

So I'm going to try to write a series of mini-posts about how I organize. I welcome tips and feedback. I welcome information that might help me. I'll start simple, although you should realize that my refined system is very complicated and tailored to me and the work I do.

Some topics I plan to cover (so I can keep track):
-using a calendar
-managing your to do list
-working with an assistant
-working with e-mail
-working on the road

Let me know if there is a specific organization thing that you want to ask about. I'll try to tell you how I do it and why.



Mathochist said...

I look forward to this series! I could really use some help/advice on mail/paperwork. I hate it, and put it off for so long, I get piles of papers everwhere. It's gotten so bad lately I've even missed a few bills. :(

I recently implemented the Freedom Filer system for filing, and it's really helpful for me (I never knew what to do/where to put most papers before), but when/where/how often do you actually sit down and process all the crap that comes in the mail? How long does it take you?

Giftie Etcetera said...

"when/where/how often do you actually sit down and process all the crap that comes in the mail? How long does it take you?"

Everyday! I toss useless stuff immediately. I note things that need to be done but can't be done immediately in my calendar (if it must be done ON a certain date) or task list (to be done BY a certain date) and put the accompanying papers in my task tote (so I can take it anywhere, but a stationary tote or basket might work for you). Nothing goes in my tast tote without a note in my pda, so nothing stays there forever undone. If it goes to someone else (say, Alan)or the file folder, I put it there were feasible (or, in the case of things coming in at work, in the "to be filed" box that is emptied and filed once a week by a set day noted on my task list) or in my tote with a task deadline to file it (say, if I am sorting mail and on the file). If I can toss it, I do. (Note the wedding date, address, and a task to buy and wrap a gift and toss). Since I do it daily, it takes no more than ten minutes.

Mathochist said...

I suspect my FlyLady Office In a Bag would be similar to your task tote... What kind of note do you put in your PDA? Do you mean a task instead of a note? I have tried that, but I get so many tasks so past due, I get overwhelmed and just give up and quit looking at them. Same as with to do lists.

I would also love to see tips related to use of a PDA's various tools.

Mathochist said...

I would love to read the rest of this series (if you can ever find the time to write them).