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Saturday, July 18, 2009

School Supplies

Since Ander is going to a small, at-home preschool in the Fall, we had a short list of school supplies to buy for him. It was really short and reasonable, including things like fat crayons, blunt scissors, and glue. We made a big deal of it and took a trip to Target today.

Ugh! They were out of, or just don't carry, much of the list. They had the 8 pack of fat crayons, but they were in a separate section of the store from the rest of the colors and were $3 instead of 30 cents, like the 24 pack. They didn't have nap mats, even though every preschooler around here is required to get one. (i had been warned about nap mats by my school teacher sister and had grabbed one at Wal-mart the day they put them out.)

They were out of construction paper. Who runs out of construction paper in JULY? I mean, they had to know construction paper is on every supply list, right? Big, empty space on shelf where it would be.

There was no empty space for primary colored Play-doh (as they only sell pink and orange and bright girly blue), there were only two 2 inch binders in the whole store that costs less than $7 (Ander begged for the pink one...I really wanted to just get it, but I thought he might regret it when none of the other boys have pink), and there was no art smock (though the teacher said an oversized t-shirt is fine, so we might do that).

I'm sure, with the exception of the art smock, that these things are purchased by parents across Baton Rouge EVERY SINGLE why don't the stores order these things?



Stac Cole said...

Constrution paper is ALWAYS an issue every year when getting school supplies. Word to the wise: when you finally DO find it...stockpile for the next year!

Stac Cole said...

Oh, and the art smock you can get at Hobby Lobby. Get some puffy fabric paint and write his name on it :)

Mommy said...

i can get you whatever size binder you need. We get tons of them at work and if we can't give them away they get recycled.