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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seriously, I Mean It

I'm a big fan of parenting. By that, I mean I make the rules and decisions and Ander just has to follow-through. It actually drives me crazy when someone does or doesn't do something based on what their child wants.

That said, I am all about Ander and Loki having happy childhoods and lots of fun. So while I won't, say, let Ander play outside Highland Coffees in the rain just because he wants to, I will let him cuddle on my lap in the coffee shop and read the comics to him, if he asked.

I suspect, though, and perhaps it's just paranoia, that others think I'm way too strict. The whole time, I'm thinking they are way too lenient, so who am I to judge their judging?


1 comment:

pacatrue said...

I won't judge your not judging their judging either.