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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Out of Time

On Monday, my mom/sitter surprised me by anouncing that she could not babysit on Wednesday. (She had a good reason, but I didn't know in time to get a backup.) A friend of the family died, so I had a wake Tuesday night. I got sick on Wednesday (while home with both kids). My husband worked late two days this week and I had to/have to two other days. Friday night we have plans. Saturday morning and night I have plans. I'm sure someone called me about something on Sunday, though I can't quite remember right this minute. Monday I have a backup sitter (which means a whole bunch more prep work getting milk defrosted and pumping). Tuesday is a holiday, but Wednesday I have so sitter, again.

My house is reasonably clean, but can it stay that way? We have tons of company coming over next weekend (not this weekend), including MIL.

I need to be at work. Like a normal person, 8:30 - 3:30 daily, without interruptions. Without sitter issues. Without hubby working overtime (which is only going to get worse).

And that, my friends, is why I never get to blog.



Stac Cole said...

Doesn't Aunt Sue do daycare in her house? Could she take your kids when your mom can't? Otherwise, I would seriously look into full time daycare and use your mom on those days when you really need her. The amount of time you are missing from work justifies daycare expense, at least to me. Another option would be to find someone else by your office that does in home childcare and would take you kids on an as needed basis.

And you've probably looked into ALL of those options already :)

Giftie Etcetera said...

I have backup in town (Aunt Sue if she doesn't have too many kids that day, but she actually teaches them...so Loki is a problem, Aunt Connie/Uncle Duke, Tiff when she is off, Wendy when she is off, and my friend Brien's mom). But by the time I found out about Wednesday, it was really too late and I didn't have meetings.

But most of the missed work time (except this week) is not because of chidcare, but because of sick kids. Or sick mommy. (I'm still struggling with colitis, a year after the diagnosis.) Sigh.

Now, if I could get an in-home nanny...;).

Stac Cole said...

How much you paying? I may be interested in a career change :)

-Knowles said...

I was wondering why you haven't been blogging so much. I thought maybe it's because of Facebook!