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Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Purse

I got a new purse. Pre-Ander, I used itty bitty purses, and keep most of the essentials that don't melt in Louisiana heat (checkbook, pens, etc.) in my car. Post-Ander, I used gigantic purses that could carry a diaper. So, now that diapers are not usually an emergency and come at predictable times, so I can just keep some in my car, I needed a medium/small purse (since I don't have room to keep everything in my car anymore ).

I got the cutest red bag to use. It fits in my briefcase (for court days) and my tote bag (for errand/work at coffee shop days) and Ander's diaper bag (for playdates), but it works just as well by itself.

I would have (in other waords, was willing to spend) spent a lot for it, but I got it at the outlet mall for just $10. Score!



Frog said...

I need a new purse too, but I can't find one I like. Hopefully when we go to Gulf Shores and I go to the outlet mall I'll be able to find one. Hopefully!!

Brien Louque said...

You need a purse like Hermione.