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Sunday, December 14, 2014

When To Skip A Daily Planner

Lately, this blog is very focused on creating daily pages. And for very active days, daily pages are an incredible tool.

But I do not have a binder full of daily pages. It would be way too heavy, and frankly, useless.

Some days are not very full, and for those times, just relying on my monthly and weekly spreads makes more sense.

Of course, the Monday and Tuesday of the week above might require a daily page. But my life slows down after that, so my planner can slow down, too.

Last week was busier, and I used a daily page on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

A planner should be a flexible tool - the right tool for the job. Sometimes, that means a monthly/weekly combination is a better way to go than a daily page.


1 comment:

KariP said...

Yay for daily pages. We recently moved to a new home, and there was no way the space in my Wo2P would have worked. Now with Christmas and all the stuff that goes, it's back to my trusty dailies.