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Friday, December 26, 2014

Integrating OneNote and a Planner

I love to hand write, so I got a  Surface Pro 3 for Christmas. Even though I am loving it, it cannot replace a planner in my life. So I need to find away to integrate OneNote with my  planner. As I go on this journey, I'm sure that I will share details here. For now, the first detail...

I set up One Note exactly like my planner. That way, things stay consistent.

My notebook is just like my planner dashboard. It just has blank graph  paper. 

I often add tasks that must be moved to my planner or that have to be done on my computer anyway.

I also have a project section, a files section, a calendar section, and a special work planner.

The project section will be limited to projects better done on-line, like planning a  virtual committee meeting. Shopping lists, on the other hand, are better in my main planner.

I will do the same thing with the files section. Only files better planned on-line, like passwords and computer shortcuts, go in the computer OneNote files.

I will create my entire work planner in One Note, since I do 100% of my work on-line. Also, my work planner does not include any dates except due dates and my timesheet, so I won't miss any events by planning on-line. Mostly, it consists of research and communication logs.

 We shall see how the 2015 experiment goes!



Mathochist said...

Yay! Glad you got your computer! :)

Mary Wimbley said...

Hi! I just subscribed to your blog. I have been following you on YouTube for awhile, and I love your planner tips! I think you're going to love using OneNote. It's great for organizing all kinds of projects. I use it for my writing project notes, and I recently started a new notebook for collecting random articles and recipes from the internet. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for 2015! Best of luck, and congrats on the new computer! :)

Morag said...

Looking forward to see how you will integrate Onenote with your planner. I don't know much about it but is Onenote cloudbased? Is it safe for sensitive information?

Giftie Etcetera said...

You can back it the One Drive (cloud-based) on hot. You can password protect a notebook.

Lee said...

This is going to be interesting.

Catherine said...

I adore my surface pro 2 and I have a HP Stream 7 (windows based 7inch tablet) which I wish had a stylus as good as the surface pen.

I'm reading this with interest as I use onenote for university and life in general (recipes, knitting etc) but hadn't thought to use it with my planner.

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