Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Moment of Silence

No, I meam actual, real live silence. It's not just a dream, I promise! It's 7 p.m., husband is not home yet, but the kids are potty'ed, changed, and feed. I've had a somewhat healthy supper of pasta salad with vinegar, lemon juice, garden fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and a bit of hard cheese, plus half my usual serving of chili cheese toast. Alan is leaving work (before 9 p.m....yippee!). Harry Potter is on the tv and Ander and I are watching it together while Loki, whose been a cranky bear, sleeps.

Okay, I broke my promise. TV is not silence. But it's close. My island in my kitchen is cleaned off. It's a little thing, but it keeps me so much more organized. The reds/purples are in the dryer. The dishes aren't done, due to the sleeping baby, but there aren't many since tonight's dinner was leftovers. The trash is pulled in from the curb and my car trash bag is put out, because Ander - yes, my barely three year old - wanting to help with chores to earn a check. Oh, and he cleaned the living room (including putting his and Loki's toys where they belong, stacking the shoes near the fireplace, and putting the blankets in the storage container and requiring NO ASSISTANCE or even guidance :))for another check mark. Check marks are very powerful.

Wait, there's more!

Stac is bringing Brendan tomorrow to cut the grass and then watch the baby while I get some work done. And EBeth called and is going to babysit for our anniversary dinner, which is always exciting for Ander because he loves to play with JD.

I feel sort of peaceful.

Something terrible is probably about to happen, right?


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seriously, I Mean It

I'm a big fan of parenting. By that, I mean I make the rules and decisions and Ander just has to follow-through. It actually drives me crazy when someone does or doesn't do something based on what their child wants.

That said, I am all about Ander and Loki having happy childhoods and lots of fun. So while I won't, say, let Ander play outside Highland Coffees in the rain just because he wants to, I will let him cuddle on my lap in the coffee shop and read the comics to him, if he asked.

I suspect, though, and perhaps it's just paranoia, that others think I'm way too strict. The whole time, I'm thinking they are way too lenient, so who am I to judge their judging?


Friday, May 22, 2009

Why My Blog Is Called Giftie...

I went to Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) in high school. It is a residential high school and we, the students, nicknamed ourselves "gifties." (You didn't actually have to be gifted to get into this public high school. It was for high achieving students throughout Louisiana.)

When I define myself, it's as a LSMSA alum. Hence, the "Giftie." Everything else is the "Etcetera."

Clearly, my friend Stacy feels much the same:

The Best School in the History of Ever

Her post was too touching to keep to myself.


I Love Eating Out

There is something about someone else cooking for you. I love it. I guess I love my husband more, seeing as I married a man who can't cook.

Alan has tried to cook. And while his food (grilled cheese or omelets, mostly) is certainly welcome on a lazy day, it is nothing special. He can't grill without under or overcooking the food, forgets to stir food on the stove, and thinks that more seasoning is ALWAYS better, even when it's clearly not. *cough*fennel seeds*cough*

I cook reasonably well, but I don't enjoy cooking.

I enjoy eating.

So we eat out. A lot. My children are generally very well-behaved at restaurants. They've been taken to eating places from a young age and know the rules. Even Loki can sit quietly through a meal, smiling at the other diners. I'm not a fast food person, so this often meals actual sit down restaurants. It's almost embarrassing how well-behaved they are in restaurants, since they are too young to act that well in public. (And let's just say that they have figured out that church is NOT a restaurant, so the misbehave accordingly.)

I see other parents struggle. Their kids scream, throw food, and spill water. That's the norm, right? I think my kids sense that mommy takes food VERY SERIOUSLY and she's not messing around. :)


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Do It... matter how hungry you are, don't shove down chili cheese toast in a hurry because your baby is screaming for milk.



Ugh. It's almost midnight and I am still paying. Tomorrow is going to suck.

How does this weaning thing work?


Mornings Suck

How difficult would it be, really, to get organized in the mornings? If I just checked my calendar the night before, loaded my car as much as possible (work bag and any extra stuff I need to bring, like workout clothes or swimsuits), put everything else in my "lauchpad" area with a sticky note of stuff to get from the frig, and put out clothes for the morning, mornings would go much smoother.

Hmm, what am I forgetting?

Oh, yes. Silly me! What about a nanny for Ander and Loki, since I am clearly unqualified to get them dressed.

This morning, Ander had no less than five timeouts before we left for work. He refused to get dressed. He refused to potty. He refused to brush his teeth, though he begged to floss. {rolls eyes} No, young man, flossing is for kids who listen to their mommies! {pats self on the back for that brilliant, unproductive reasoning}

We have a chart of the things we do in the morning - potty, brush teeth, brush hair, and get dressed - but he assured me he didn't want checks and would get them tomorrow instead. (He takes the procrastination problem from his daddy.) At least it was a day at work when I had no time constraints, but when I have court, this cannot happen.

He is in for a shock tomorrow. No tv before 7 a.m. He can play in his room, or, if the sun is up, cuddle in my bed. But no tv. And I won't let it go on until he brushes hair and teeth and gets dressed. Plus, if he needs to go to timeout to decide to get dressed, no tv at all (at least until after lunch). It will be fabulouso, let me assure you.

Loki was also in a fine mood, screaming about his sore gums, pooping AFTER I change his diaper and clothes, and puking all over me as we were about to get into the car.

As you might imagine, I am bad company today. Good thing I am working from a coffee shop - alone. (Good thing for the people who would otherwise be around me, I mean. Obviously.)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Loki Is Communicating

Loki is talking. He says "da da" and looks around for Alan. (The word is old news, but the looking around and smiling when he sees Alan is new.) He looks for Ander when we say his name. He will say "ma ma ma" but only if he has a paci in his mouth. He must need to feel it to form an m sound.

He also follows simple commands, like shaking his head no or lifting his bum in the air when I say "up."

He has a mean pincher grasp and is two seconds from real commando crawling.

Unfortunately, he's also screaming when someone (meaning mommy) leaves the room. Or doesn't pick him up. Or, God forbid, deems to put food by his mouth.

Is it wrong to feed his Rice Chex because they are cheaper than Puffs? {rolls eyes at self}

I'm not ready for two kids talking back.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Losing Weight While Breastfeeding

Everyone promised that breastfeeding would just melt the baby weight away.


8 months into exclusively breastfeeding, I am probably at my highest weight, ever. A combination of illnesses and injuries has derailed my efforts to work out. Loki refuses solid foods, so I'm starving all the time. My body feels like it is starving, yet I eat constantly.

I have friends who use Weight Watchers, but I don't have the time or money for meetings. So I'm going to do what has worked for me in the past. I'm going to jog/walk and count calories. I'm fat enough that I can have 2,200 calories a day (if I'm still nursing and work out 30 minutes 6 days a week) and still get skinnier. So that's the goal.

I am so picky about calorie counting, though. It kills me to estimate. I hate when a restaurant does not provide calorie counts. Ugh! If I could just get over that. And if I could just remove my butt from the sofa...


Need to Socialize

The last few weekends have been a bust. I'd like to report that I ate leisurely dinners with friends, played at the park, or played Scrabble until 3 in the morning. Instead, I had a horrible Mother's Day and then was very sick this weekend. I feel like if I don't do something about my lack of a social life, I'm going to get overwhelmed and exhausted. Heck, the stress is probably why I keep getting sick.

This weekend, I am doing something about it. I have a social event to attend Saturday night. I have a bar-be-que to go to on Memorial Day. I am going to get out of the house for some purpose other than grocery shopping.

Two kids are a lot of work.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

How I Want Things To Go

It's May 16th. It does not escape my attention that I haven't blogged in over two weeks. I adore blogging. I feel more connected, less stressed, and somewhat (I might as well admit it, since my loyal readers have already guessed) powerful when I write these humble little entries.

So why two weeks?

Let's see: my car broke (once at home and once on the side of the road), my borrowed replacement car had a blowout, my lawnmower crapped out, my husband worked until after dark every single weekday for the past two weeks, I had catch-up to do from the week and a half off when Loki went to the hospital, I suffered my own ER trip/minor illness, work was crazy busy, and Ander is potty training (last on the list, but perhaps most time consuming). Oh, and Mother's Day sucked.

I could keep going, but gawh!

I want thing to go smoothly. I want to make a grocery list today, complete with recipes for two new foods and a standard food. (My current craving is pasta, so I'm thinking a tomato and pasta salad as one new food and some sort of creamy pasta and chicken dish as my other. I'd make roast beef as my standard food, since I'm daydreaming and there's no real effort involved in daydreams.)

I want to print coupons to go with said list, so I spend less.

I want the list typed up and saved in my pda, so I don't have to retype it next week.

I want the chores started today, but I only want to spend a brief time doing chores before I go forth and enjoy the Saturday.

I want everything in my house to stay where it is supposed to be.

I want poopy, in the potty. (A girl can dream.)

I want Loki to wean himself, starting a month ago, one bottle at a time. I want him done just in time to have exactly enough frozen milk to give him until the day he turns one year old, but early enough to never have to nurse him on a hot day in July.

I want to take my quizzes everyday and never forget. (Krumply knows what I'm talking about.)


I want to sigh less than a cranky, 70-year-old woman.

I want to workout and eat healthy and drink water and dress nice but comfy...


Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom's Night Out

Before I had kids, I thought I'd never want a night away from them, unless it was with just my husband.

Well, I still want a night with just my husband.

But a night with other moms is an experience you can't pay for. And when the moms have kids of similiar ages and are two of your favorite friends, it recharges you like nothing else.

Honestly, the food at the Japanese place we went to was just okay. But the company was wonderful. I desperately needed a break and now I feel recharged. I missed my kids - just enough to really appreciate them. :)