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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Planner in Progress

I put a lot of emphasis on entering information into my planner. The hows, whats, whys, whens, and wheres matter!

But I also have a simple system for use of my planner, so that I can track what still needs to be accomplished. The "in progress" marks matter a ton, as they keep me on task and they let me glance quickly at the information in my planner and make fast decisions.

Here's what the system looks like in progress:

The In Progress System

*@ = waiting on something or someone before I can do the task (pending)

*O = task ready to be done

*-O = task is started, but not complete (this is particularly useful if I can't continue yet, like laundry in the wash, but not dried and ready to be put away)

*O (checked off) = done

*O (arrow) = moved to another day

*O (X'ed through) = deleted

TIP: Regardless of code, highlight any task that is checked as done, moved, or deleted, so the rest of the tasks jump out to your eyes.


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Unknown said...


I am 36 and starting a new job as a Legal Secretary. I have some experience as an Executive Assistant, but I am new to the Legal field.
Do you have any advice for using my planner as a Legal Secretary?