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Saturday, December 27, 2014

E-Planning: Daily Tasks App

I have always struggled with daily tasks. They NEED to be done, but I never remember to do them. In my planner, I've tried charts (hidden away) and sticky notes (lose their stick and no place to check them off as done).

There are so many ways that paper planners are superior, but repetitive tasks aren't one of the  ways. Solutions for repetitive tasks exist, but aren't optimal.

I found an app called Daily Tasks (from the Microsoft app store) that seems to be working for me. It puts a list of the tasks on the Start screen of my tablet, so that I cannot ignore it.

Each day, the tasks are listed on the calendar. For an inexpensive upgrade price, I could add monthly and weekly tasks, too. I may get that upgrade if this keeps working for me.

For each task, I can set a reminder. I do for food, since I need to defrost it early in the day. I also set a reminder for must do tasks. For example, if I skip cleaning one day, the world won't fall apart. But skipping prep for the next day would make my life awful!

I hope  this electronic solution works.



Mary Wimbley said...

Sounds like a really neat app. I may have to try it :) I'm planning to get an HP Stream in the near future. Meanwhile, on my Kindle Fire, I use an app called ColorNote. It allows you to create reusable checklists as well as plain text notes. You can have up to nine categories, each with its own color, hence the name. I'm trying to get back into the habit of using the app for my daily and weekly routine checklists. It really helps!

pattygardner.com said...

Seriously, we are twins! That's exactly what I've been struggling with. I've been playing around with Wunderlist on my phone and have been so excited about how it handles the daily tasks. That's the one flaw with my planner. I get sick of re-writing dailies and I don't like the charts. I'll be interested in seeing how this works for you.