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Monday, December 15, 2014

Planner Hack: The Sticky Borrowed List

I have the distinct pleasure of being in charge of everything.

Disclaimer: The above statement was full of sarcasm. And, well, truth.

The practical reality is that I am the one with a planner. If my husband wants to RSVP to a Christmas party, he asks me if it is okay. I check my planner. If my mom owes me money for the gift that I picked up from the store near my house for her to give to my kid, she asks me to remind her when I see her. As the planner in the family, I keep track of things for everybody.

I used to keep track of "Things Borrowed" in a file in my ABC Files. But I never looked at it.

So I moved the tracking of things borrowed to my weekly spread. (The green sticky at the bottom of this picture.)

I talked about this system before, but it has changed everything. I no longer worry about whether or not I paid my sister or who has a copy of a favorite movie. I know. The thoughts - and the anxiety - is off my mind.

When the sticky note gets cluttered, I just make a new one (in pink).

It's a simple trick that has changed things in such a positive way.

If I am expecting something from someone else, it's a pending item, so it is marked "@initials: item/money." If I owe the amount or item, it is a task, so it is marked "O to initials: item/money."



Amy said...

I like this idea - it is very helpful :) I like to have extra wide Today rulers so that they accommodate post-its easily.

Kathy said...

Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

ZoeAnn Yussman said...

Thank you for this! I'm also the "coordinator of all things" for the fam-
I've been using this sticky note idea since you first mentioned it and whew- now I don't worry if I owe something to someone because it's right there!