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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Casual Planner

Saturdays are generally light planning days for me.

Today, for example, we are mostly hanging around the house. 
We are truly stuck at home because we are babysitting so that my sister can finish her Christmas shopping. We had holiday events all day yesterday. We are done shopping, but not wrapping or receiving all deliveries. I need to clean up, but that can be done at a leisurely pace over the next couple of days.

There's not a bunch of scheduled stuff or mandatory tasks, but there are tasks that I need to keep track of and get done.

On days like this, I use my planner in a very casual way.

I might make several different kinds of list, like places in the house to clean or things that my husband needs to get done while he is home for the weekend.

I also skip steps in my planning, like context codes. No need to indicate that everything must be done at home when I can only list things that must be done at home. And Loyal Readers know that I try not to do useless things in my planner.

If you are new to planning, or just have a not-so-complicated day planned, try casual planning. It's fun and good enough.



lyn said...

My weekends are pretty relaxed too. But I seem to have more to do sometimes. I just finished wrapping presents last night whilst watching an old 1950s film :-)

KariP said...

As much as possible, I try not to plan my weekends. With S.O. around, I'm lucky to get any of it done. So, come Monday, my list is a million miles long.