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Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Quick Packing Plan

Packing can make a quick weekend trip seem not worth the trouble. But there is an easy way to get your stuff together, without a lot of effort.

1. Start a list in your planner of stuff that you need to pack as soon as you schedule the trip. I keep this list in my Project section.

2. The day before the trip, go over the schedule (in your head or your planner) and toss items in a bag as you think of them.

Here's how I do it:

Friday night
Hanging out?

-sleeping bag
-dirty laundry bag
Getting ready for bed?


Notice how I go through the steps of my routine in my head, as if I were actually doing the steps, and pack what I need.

3. Some things (like a toothbrush) may be needed the day of the trip and cannot be packed in advance. Make a list of those items in your planner as you pack.

TIP: Store that list between your weekly pages so that you are forced to look at it in the morning. Or tape it to your keys.

Don't forget to put cell and charger on this list!

4. Once you are packed, check your original list and add anything from that list that you have not packed yet.

5. Then, and this is key, go through an old packing list or two (I file these in the ABC Notes/Files section of my planner) and see if you forgot anything! If so, add it to your suitcase.

Five steps. You can pack quickly and expertly and never forget anything again.



Anna said...

I usually do a pretty good job packing, making a general list each time. But my last trip happened right when there was some really time consuming stressful stuff going on, plus I was sick, and I forgot things that I never forget to take. I'm thinking about making a master packing list that will cover most trips. I've seen (and had) the store bought lists, but they are never quite right...

Miller Family said...

Catching up on your posts and this couldn't have come at a better time ! We are going to a local water park hotel this weekend for a family Christmas and I need to start my list.