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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Change One Thing

Pick one thing to change that makes a big difference in your life.

Maybe you start a log of important telephone calls in your planner or in a computer log like this one in OneNote.

Next time they claim you never called them, you have evidence.

Or start defrosting meat the night before.

Put out a basket as a designated area for your purse and planner.

My one thing?

When I take off my jeans, I'm hanging them back in the closet. It saves me the trouble of washing, drying, and hanging again. Don't worry...I spill coffee often enough, and therefore HAVE to clean them, that they never get dingy.



Unknown said...

I have a row of hooks on the back of my various doors for things that are gently worn and not yet in need of laundering....but I don't quite want in with the unworn things. plus that puts them at ready grab for the next wear. get home, throw on comfy stuff i'm only gonna wear for a couple of hours until bed.....jeans I wore for an hour to run to the grocery.....

Anna said...

I decided to leave my computer off during certain times- school time & on Sundays. I get too scattered because I open about 5-6 windows, bounce back and forth, forget what I'm doing, and my mind is racing with too many different things. Trying to do too many things at once, means I get less done, not more. So I'm working on focusing my mind a little better. I'm just starting this week, so we'll see how it goes. :)