Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting Into a Groove

I've got the new preschool routine down. I remember the key to the building (every parent has to let themselves in with a key, plus enter a code) EVERYDAY now. Lol. I also remember to drop off blankets on Mondays and bring them home to clean on Fridays, pack morning and afterschool snack (just something light, because breakfast is served a little late and afternoon snack a little early, so it helps the commute to be less cranky-filled), check the cubbies, and pay the tuition on Thursdays. Ander has homework about once a week (a little color page - they call it "no-pressure homework" because the kid is supposed to just be given the opportunity to do it and earn a sticker) and he's so excited about it that he asks for homework everyday, so if we get home and he has nothing from school, he's been coloring or writing or "reading" a book while I get Loki's supper done (if Loki is eating something different than us).

I really like that, for work, I am truly off at 4 p.m. everyday. I am forced to take a lunch break. I really hadn't realized how much I was running around like a crazy person at the law firm until I got put on a set schedule at this new job. That said, I get a lot of comp time (from the occassional meeting in New Orleans , or the phone call that comes in a 3:55 p.m. and lasts until 4:30 p.m., or the overnight trip to provide training to juvenile attorneys in another city), so I already have almost two days of leave built up (and will have about three days after next week), in case something happens with the kids. Plus, we get generous holidays.

The housekeeper coming in every two weeks forces us to put things where they belong, so our house is staying pretty neat. I am hoping that I can finally start some of the backlogged organization projects around the house in January, after the busy Christmas season is over. Knowing I will finally have time to tackle those projects is really nice!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Free Time

Free time is such a dilemma for me as a mommy. On one hand, I want to spend free time with my kids. After all, they are in daycare all day and surely want to hang with their mommy. On the other, I have tons of stuff that LOOMS to be done around the house. (Looming as we speak - island loaded with Halloween buckets to be sorted out and put away, a roast and mashed potatoes to cook, table cluttered with degrees to clean and reframe and a skirt to hang up, Loki's dresser needing too small clothes to clean out of it, and Ander needing a toy reduction before CHristmas in his room.)

But, mostly, I just want a LONG dinner (appetizers and salads followed by a meal) and a lingering cup of coffee outside of a charming coffee shop, with either my husband or a dear girlfriend. WITHOUT THE KIDS.

I feel the normal parent guilt, but without the recharge, I'm a horrible mom. I snap instead of speaking calmly. I banish to rooms. I get sucked into facebook, because I don't want to face the kiddos. I need some free time. But I worked late two nights last week and Alan works late a couple of nights this week, so it's not looking good. Plus, I have to finish up a couple of little things at the old office this upcoming weekend. Then, it's Christmas shopping time.


Is it naptime yet?