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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Completing Lists: A Sticky Solution

Sometimes, my real life friends make fun of my blog tips. They claim that I state the obvious. 

The truth is that many of the solutions that I share with my Loyal Readers aren't obvious to me until I am desperate for a solution and try them. At that point, I realize that other people might not have thought of them, either.

(Shameless aside - I remember when my oldest was a newborn. I couldn't figure out how to weigh him on my scale. He was too long to be placed on it and he wouldn't stop wiggling anyway. A friend on the internet suggested that I weigh myself, pick him up and weigh the two of us together, and subtract. Brilliant! D'uh!)

Right now, my issue is finishing the Christmas present wrapping.

I have a list and am highlighting each gift as it gets wrapped, but it is messy and crammed at this point, making me nervous that I will forget to wrap something.

So I copied the short list of gifts still-to-be-wrapped onto a sticky note.

Now I have a simple checklist of what still needs to be done.

TIP: Use this tactic with shopping lists or task lists, too.



Tita Mama said...

Obvious or not I still like to hear how others solve their problems! :) So thanks for sharing your tips.

Mathochist said...

Great tip! This problem is one of the reasons I hate paper lists. I am almost sure to miss some of the undone ones!

KariP said...

Seeing my long list with scratch-outs, tick marks, or highlights can be confusing. So I circle anything that is not in any way marked off. Your extra step of the sticky note makes that list cleaner. Thanks, I'll start that.