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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Planning In Two Colors

I am consistently asked about color coding. If you are a Loyal Reader, you know that for a while I didn't color code. I just used green ink. It made me happy, but I could not erase it.

I also went through a phrase where I highlighted using metallic pens.

More recently, I turned to Frixion pens for the dreamy ability to erase completely. I love them and, for a while, color-coded by week.

But it was a lot of effort, expensive to buy all the colors, and the pens were cramming up my planner. Plus, the actual color-coding was not helping with keeping me organized. And isn't being organized what my planner is all about?

So, I put a new color system in place. I only use two colors at a time. I primarily write with a color in the blue/green family, like blue, green, or purple. I highlight very important tasks or big events in a red/pink color family pen.

This lets me use most of the colors in the Frixion packs that I buy in bulk and on sale.

I don't like to write in black ink, so this let's me save my black Frixion pens for filling in undated planner pages. I always seem to mess up that task, so an erasable pen is brilliant idea.

As an added bonus, I still get to play with a ton of colors, but my pages stay neat and orderly in appearance.


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Songbird said...

I noticed you said you buy your Frixion pens in bulk. You know they are refillable, right? Just checking. :-)
Which tip size do you use? I'm trying to settle on my preference between the 0.5 and 0.7.

Maggie said...

This is really helpful. I've been struggling with this because I want my planner to stay neat, but I got these super cute supplies... I'll find another use for them and stick with a simple system like you described!