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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Proudest Mommy Ever: Making A Planner For A Kid

Look what happened today:

Yes, my seven year old, Ander, asked for a planner. :) :) :) 

(There are not enough smiley faces on the planet.) Ander decided on a red, erasable Frixion pen, which is a special treat for him since they can't use ink pens yet at school.

I used a cheap Plan Ahead (same size as Franklin Covey compact) planner that I had bought for the refills.

I also used graph paper, construction paper (for tabs), and the monthly printouts from Philofaxy to load the planner up with usable pages.

He had a blast filling out the planner. 

Check out the books that he has read. Clearly, he is a better reader than he is a speller.

He is keeping track of his Pokeman collection in the planner, too.

We agreed on a weekly meeting every Sunday (which I noted on my planner) to look at dates for the upcoming week.



Anonymous said...

Awesome! I want to start my boys with planners but their school provides planners. Alas those don't have room for outside stuff or even just their school work, but they have to use those at school. I hate the thought of kids having to deal with two separate planners.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I hear you. I asked him about using the planner that the school provides, but he said it's his homework planner and has to stay in his school bag, so "it's no fun." So we made this one.

RobbieKay said...

So cool! What a great skill to learn. I've often wished I had a list of books that I've read throughout my life, but I would be happy with a list of books I've read just since I was seven!

yezenia said...

We need an update on Ander's planner please. : )

yezenia said...

My nephew and I have a date today to review his planner practices. Be on the lookout for news reports of a woman spontaneously combusting (which will be my reaction if he says he forgot it).