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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sizes: Tracking For Shopping In Your Notes Section

One of the reasons that I use a ring bound planner, despite the much wider variety of wire bound planners out there, is because I can add special sections to my ring bound planner.

Today, while ordering more ink for my printer, I added a list of Sizes to the Notes section of my planner.

I started with grabbing graph paper from my Dashboard.

Then, I added the words "Sizes" to my Notes index.

Next, I put the Sizes page at the back of my Notes section. Note the box around the word "Sizes," making it easier to find the document.

Some of the things I am tracking so far on this page include clothing sizes/brands (for socks, tank tops...anything you buy regularly), air filter size (so I can pick them up whenever they go on sale), and ink size for my printer.

Bonus pictures of the new dividers I made this morning, by simply tracing the old dividers, cutting them, and hole punching.

Let me know in the comments what you track on your Sizes page.


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Songbird said...

Great idea! I think I'll start a similar page.

I'd love to see more pics of your dividers, they're cute.

Unknown said...

I don't have an index because I only keep very few sections in my binder but this might have to be an addition. Great idea!

Alisa said...

Wiper blades & oil filters for both vehicles, vacuum belts and bags (before we got Big Bertha), makeup colors, bra sizes with style numbers (no two styles ever fit the same... grr!) I just now thought it would be great to start a list of bad products I never want to buy again. Sometimes, the experience isn't traumatic enough to be memorable, then I get it home & think, "Oh, yeah."

Kristin said...

Great idea. My husband gets tired of telling the air filter size. Now I only have to ask him one more time!

Morag said...

I use a Filofax as a wallet and keep the children's clothes and shoe sizes in there so I can grab a bargain while I'm out. I also keep sizes of items for the house I might want eg rug, table, etc

yezenia said...

Morag, great idea about keeping the sizes in your wallet!