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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Video: Daily Review Of Your Planner

Today's video encourages you to do a daily review of your planner every single day. This routine process is quick, easy, and one of the most valuable ways to spend time with your planner.

In my world, a daily review has four steps:

1. I do a quick brain dump of any thoughts, things I need to remember, ideas, or anything else on my mind into my Dashboard page.

2. I glance at my Projects to see if I will be attacking any of them today.

3. I check my Monthly page for appointments.

4. I check my Weekly page for tasks.

That's it. Enjoy the video.

Video: Daily Review of Your Planner

Remember, it's all about pulling the information from your planner and inputting it into your brain.



Ashley said...

Thanks for this video! I always go through my entire planner and then get lost in all of the information! This is much more simple!

lissie101 said...

I love this idea. I have been using this idea after watching your video and It is working for me. I also created an index for my divided sections and sub sections. Love it. Thanks for sharing :0)