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Sunday, October 13, 2013

DIY Planner: Notepads Using Graph Paper Printables

For years, I've been buying blank, lined pages for my planner at $4 for about 20 sheets. I love having blank paper as my dashboard (for newbie planner'ds, a dashboard is the first page of your planner). Considering all the writing in my planner that I do in any given week, the scratch paper was getting really expensive.

I knew this was a silly waste of money and resources. I am a fan of buying great inserts for my planner that work for me, but for all my do-it-yourself pages, I was spending quite a bit of money over the course of the year.

This weekend, I spent some time finding links for free paper. I found one, in particular, that prints out graph paper. Before, I always just used lined paper. But graph paper is easier to measure out and cut along the straight lines, plus it has so many possibilities for planning.

I am not crafty at all, but anyone can do this. So, step-by-step, here's how I made my DIY notepads using graph paper printables:

1. Print out graph paper. (I used to run my own law firm, so I have way too much copy paper on my hands.) I print in the cheapest greyscale for this purpose, since I want to save money and keep the lines subtle.

2. Make a template. I just traced a piece of one of my planner pages.

3. Use the template to mark and cut the graph paper. I do several pieces at once.

4. Use a hole punch and the template to hole punch several pages at once.

Yes, you saw that correctly. I use a single hole punch only - nothing fancy here - and I just keep all my planner supplies together in a makeup bag.

5. Put the blank pages in your planner as your dashboard.

6. Finally, file the template in your Notes/Files under the word "planner." It's a good place to keep track of things such as the measurements of your planner. Tip: Write "planner" in a box in the upper right hand corner to make filing easier.

Quick, easy, and cheap.



yezenia said...

That hex paper is awesome, need to figure out what I can use it for. The graph paper will definitely come in handy. Thanks for sharing this site!

Maryanne Moll said...

I love graph paper, too! We have them available in stores here, and they come in packs of 20 US Letter-sized sheets. I can create two sheets of personal-sized pages from one sheet of US Letter (because the graph paper has a one-inch margin on all sides, I have to cut them off).