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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Planner Time: Add It To Your Magic Minimums

Yesterday was kind of crazy. I had to do carpool, run a town of errands, eat an early dinner in town, and go to the last flag football game of the season, where, as the coach's wife, I had to deliver cupcakes in the rain.

My day rushed by. I wrote things down as they came up, but had no time to cross out the things that got done. I also barely had time to glance at my planner.

This happened:

Yes, I am ashamed. Those are undone tasks (from Monday), receipts, coupons, papers to process, blood pressure left unchecked and unlogged, and a table full of groceries left out instead of put away in the pantry.

I missed my daily planner review - and it shows.

I used to have three "magic minimums" that I completed daily to keep my house in order: 

1. a load of dishes, 2. a load of laundry, and 3. a 15 minute quick clean of the most attention seeking area of my house (usually kitchen/living room).

Eventually, I added two "rules" to help me out: 

1. when traveling from one room to another, carry something with me and put it away where it belongs, and 2. erase the evidence of whatever you do in the house (say, wiping down the bathtub and hanging up you towel after a bath).

But I clearly need a third rule:


Now I'm off to process all this crap and pay for my sins.


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