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Thursday, October 9, 2008


My lips have been chapped, well, for about 40 weeks now. That's from the beginning of pregnancy until now. I drink a ton. I eat fruit. I use chapstick. I think pregnancy and breastfeeding just zap my fluids.

In totally unrelated news ('cause randomness makes for good blogging, right?), the parish picked up the tree debris we had. Yippee!!! Ander had fun watching the tree truck with our neighbor, Mrs. Audrey. Mrs. Audrey was kind enough to keep an eye on Ander, so he could watch the truck while I checked on the baby. Have I mentioned how much I like our neighbors? Seriously, we live by some really great people. (Plus the trashy people to the other side of us, but who is counting? And who is listening to the trashy teenager making out outside of our bedroom door? How does a kid end up in 10th grade at 18? How? Not that I am judging...much.)



Stac Cole said...

The 2nd part of this post probably makes complete sense to you...but it's making my head hurt trying to figure it out.

And I know your trashy neighbors. And I agree. They are TRASHY.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I revised the post and bolded the correct word. LOL. Better?

Also, you know Dot? How do you know Dot?

Stac Cole said...

Ok..now what about the part of the teenager making out outside your bedroom door? Did I miss something...'cause that sounds like a great story :)

Dot is friends with my friend Tanya (she's the one that took residence there during the storm), so I know her by association. But I don't offer that info up very much.

Mathochist said...

The Lansinoh or PureLan they (hopefully) gave you for sore nipples is the BEST THING for chapped lips. Unless you need to wear lipstick. I can't keep my lips unchapped while pregnant or nursing, either. (It's been, what, nearly 4.5 years now...) For me it's worse with pgcy b/c I get the perpetual stuffy nose and become a 9-month mouth breather.