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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm a dedicated blogger. If I fail to blog for, say, 20 minutes, someone asks if I am okay. (Slight exaggeration, but if you can't exaggerate on your blog, where can you, really?) I rarely talk politics (but I'm liberal and pleased to vote for Obama this year and thrilled that McCain does not seem crazy like W...just in case my candidate loses, if you wondered). I barely ever talk about my extended family. (Stac Cole can confirm they are crazy and the source of many unwritten but surely-would-be-entertaining blog stories.) I complain about work, but obviously cannot ethically share any details of my cases. Mostly, I write about parenting, or life, or eating breakfast.

There's a void where a theme should be. Working parent? Maybe. Flextime parent? Sort of. Wife, mother, sister, friend. A bit. Organization freak? Slipping. Coffee and chocolate whore? Yes and yes. But no theme. (And how many hits will I get, now that I used the word whore, twice?)

I like the freedom. I write whatever pops into my head. I offend or I don't (though I never, okay - rarely - intend to offend). But everyone else (or, really, a few serious bloggers I read) has a theme. I feel lonesome. Alone in blog land without direction or purpose. Whimper, whimper. But my fingers are free. That's pretty cool.



Anonymous said...

I don't blog, but thought about starting one where you post your own obit. Not the kind you'd read about yourself in the newspaper (if you could read while dead). More like an obit that says something about who you are inside. Who you wished to be in life.

One quick search later and there is already such a blog. Not entirely the same concept, but close enough that I'm still blogless.

Stac Cole said...

Yes, I concur.

Read the little quote thingy for your blog. I think THAT sums it up perfectly. Just throw the stuff out there and see where it sticks. How about "Themeless Chaos"

Beorn said...

I love the little quote thingy, and I think it's perfectly serviceable as a theme.

Sammy Jankis said...

Hey, that quote thingy should be properly cited if you're going to publish it in a public forum!

Giftie Etcetera said...

Alan -

You put it in quotes when you wrote the poem and you could never say for sure if you wrote that part or was inspired by that part.


fred said...

You're just postmodern, that's all.

At least you have only one blog, not one for every mood, and your theme is not mental illness.