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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


One of my friends barely uses the interweb to communicate. She was willing to read my blog for pregnancy updates, but that was as a favor to me so I didn't have to call her with updates. Another friend doesn't read blogs. His wife does, so sometimes he gets updated on goings on. But sometimes, he doesn't stay up-to-date. One client much prefers to call me with information than to e-mail me. That's fine during office hours, but he works during the day and calls as I am leaving the office. I've encouraged e-mail. He uses it, but he forgets to use it sometimes.

All of these people answer their phones. They are willing to visit and make plans and chat. They just aren't e-connected.

Drives me crazy! I really don't realize just how much I e-communicate until I try to make plans with one of them. I can't just e-mail. Want to get coffee on Tuesday? I HAVE to call them. Need a document before I can file the court papers? I have to pick up the phone. I am so connected on-line that I barely want to pick up a phone these days. I am aware the world does not revolve around me (despite the impression my loyal readers might have from reading my blog ;)), but I can still hope the people in my life start relying on e-mail, right?


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