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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A to Zen

On the way to the pediatric cardiologist this morning, I told Alan how I plan to transform myself from Type A to Type Zen. His response? "Did you just make that up or did you hear it somewhere?" Ha ha, dear husband. I can be zen. I can...um, really. Okay, I'll mark "be Zen" here in my planner...there, on my way to Zen.

The doctor said Loki has a light heart murmur that he'll probably outgrow. Even if he doesn't, it's not causing any trouble or doing anything bad. He's fine! What a relief!!! I knew intellectually that heart murmurs are usually nothing, but I also knew that we were statistically likely to have a vaginal birth and take my second-born home from the hospital with us two days later...and that didn't happen. Usually, I get medically/metaphorically screwed. So I expected the worse. Or at least an extended hospital stay to rule out the worse.

In the great attempt to achieve the state of Zenness, I ate McDonald's for breakfast and took a nap. Hmmm...funny how the caffeine in the coffee did not stop me from sleeping, at all. Must have been because of the 5 hours I got last night. 5 HOURS IS NOT ZEN. NOT ZEN AT ALL. {angry face}

I also bought a new purse. I suspect for the first time ever, I bought a purse at Wal-mart. I am CERTAIN it will fall apart tomorrow. It cost $13. But it was the right size and the right color and I don't have time to shop. Purses lead to Zen, right?



Mamaebeth said...

Zen - meditative absorption in which all dualistic distinctions are eliminated

I am pretty sure that lack of sleep, McDonalds and purses are irrelevant to Zen.

Stac Cole said...

I was thinking the same thing ebeth...glad it was you that broke the news to her and not me :)

Anonymous said...

Damn troublemaking commenters! ;)

Frog said...

Yeah for Loki not needing surgery!!

Good luck with the Zen thing.

Frog said...

Yeah for Loki not needing surgery! Good luck achieving the Zen thing.

Rachel said...

Now Loki and Ivan have something in common - they both have meaningless heart murmurs!

Well, and they both throw up occasionally.

They probably weigh about the same amount, come to think of it.

And when they cry, it sounds pretty similar.

Okay, I promise I'll stop comparing your son to my cat now.

Anonymous said...

And, Rachel, I think I might be allergic to both of them. He he he!