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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Problem Areas in Each Room

Living room: the computer table, over the tv, and my end table

Kitchen: my medicine/reciept drawer

Baby's room: crib filled with gifts

Guest bathroom: needs toilet paper

Ander's room: the white drawers need cleaning out

My bedroom: there's a pile of crap next to my bed to be put away that has been there over a year

My bathroom: the tub is gross

The sad thing is that these are ALWAYS the problem areas. Why don't I just buy an extra package of toilet paper for the guest bathroom? What makes me wipe down my kitchen counter everytime I nuke something, but never wipe down the bathtub? How come I reorganized my purse once a month, but never go ahead and put away the small nox of stuff next to my bed? I just hate these areas, and there is no explanation for my weirdness.

But now I've written them down, so I'll tackle them, one at a time.


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