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Friday, October 24, 2008

How My Boys Like Their Drinks

Alan: fruity and girly; usually through a straw; with tons of caffeine and a bit of Dew

Ander: from a sippy or straw, though he'll deem to take it the grown-up way, IF it has Diet Coke in it {mommy rolls eyes and notes that it RARELY has Diet Coke in it}

Loki: straight up, on the rocks, hot or cold, from the tap...the kid's not picky. If it's milky and wet, he'll drink it.

So much for the theory of "nipple confusion." LOL. We've even weaned from the nipple shield for several days now. He doesn't care if it's from me, warm, or cold from the frig. He'll take the nipple, the fake slow-flow nipple, or the fast-flow nipple. He doesn't care if he nurses or daddy feeds him, though he does resist a tiny bit if mommy gives him a bottle (by rooting instead of sucking for a little bit, until he realizes that he can't have boobie). He'll take any of the three different pacifiers we have, though he doesn't love the paci. (He gets it anyway to help avoid SIDS.) He's also sleeping almost exclusively in his own bed (in our room until 4 - 6 months for SIDS avoidance reasons.)

How do you like your drinks?

I like mine on a beach, with pina colada and a slice of pineapple and an umbrella and, of course, a cabana boy.



Anonymous said...

I like mine especially when my cabana boy walks into the ocean to give it to me so i don't have to come to shore.


Giftie Etcetera said...

Oh, nice one.

Frog said...

I LOVE mine diet on ice especially from a fountain. Or if they are alcoholic I like them blended or fruity