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Monday, April 25, 2016

Why You Should Be Taking Notes in Your Planner

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I love that moment when I sit down with a blank planner page. 

Filling in my schedule and listing my tasks, cup of coffee in hand, is so much more fulfilling than doing the tasks! (Truth, right?!?)

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But if I limited my planning to writing down appointments and tasks, I'd be opting out of the very best feature of my planner!

A Sneaky Reason to Keep Notes in a Planner

I have a consistent memory. I consistently forget anything that I haven't written down.

But even if you tend to remember, people might not believe you.

There is nothing like opening your planner and reading, "it says right here that I spoke to Kathy on Tuesday at 2:34 p.m. and she assured me that a refund was in the mail."

People who question your memory will almost never question a notebook.

I don't know why this is. I'm just observing THAT it is so!

Examples of Notes to Write in a Planner

Just today, I was talking to another mom of a kiddo with some exceptional needs. I made a note to friend her on Facebook and two notes of blog topics that came up in our conversation.

I made notes of a call from my doctor about whether my insurance would cover my asthma meds. (They won't, but I can have the meds for free. How does that make sense?!?)

I wrote down the details of my child's occupational therapy session to let the doctors and schools know about his ongoing progress.

If you might want to refer to it later, write it down.

Phone calls, meetings, and appointments are all excellent opportunities to create a record in your planner.

TIP: If you are keeping a continuing record of one specific topic, like all of the contacts regarding a medical appeal, a list of symptoms for your doctor, or all contracts with a troublesome co-worker, have a special place in your Projects section to deal with that.

Where to Do Note Taking in a Planner

One of the biggest drawbacks of electronic note taking is the inability to take notes on your phone, both in terms of input being clunky and awkward and in consideration of the fact that you might be using the phone while needing to take notes on it.

Therefore, note taking is one place where I strongly suggest using paper instead of electronics on the go. (Of course, this doesn't apply if you are taking notes in a class or seminar with a laptop. Even then, consider the value of handwriting for learning!)

I use the right side of my day-on-two-pages Franklin Compact Original inserts to do my note taking (as pictured above).

Of course, any notebook (like this pretty blue Filofax notebook) that you carry around with you would work if you plan electronically.

The new Planner Love "notes" Notepad is adorable and has lots of writing space, though it is only available in Franklin classic size sheets.

Planner Love Notepad

Let me know in the comments any unusual notes you've taken in your planner!


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Miller Family said...

I either use my daily page for added notes or a larger post it note with lines. I NEED LINES lol.

Anna said...

I tend to forget things not written down, too, especially as I get busy. I will take notes in meetings or from conversations that I need to remember. I think the reason people believe you more when you have written it down is that you are less likely to misremember. (And it tends to drive me somewhat crazy when people aren't writing things down themselves, because their memories are usually not any better than mine. Then you have to give people the same info repeatedly.)

Paper is usually easier for me to look back on than electronics, with a few exceptions. I do my budgeting on excel. Then it does the math for me. :) Plus, it's easy to refer back to a whole year, etc. I do have a space on my daily page to write expenses until they are entered in the computer.

The Fabulous planner said...

I write EVERYTHING down, otherwise I will forget. I agree, writing things down is very fulfilling sometimes more than actually doing the tasks themselves. I have a "notes" section in my planner, everything goes in there. I love your post! :)

pattygardner.com said...

I've kept notes on the right page of my Franklin for 20 years. I can't tell you how many times I've referred back and for the variety of situations where it's helped. The funniest one was when our friend, Matt, registered to vote but they messed up his registration. In order to vote in the next election, he needed to tell them the exact day that he voted. But he didn't know. He was telling us and I said: "I remember that and I wrote it down in my planner because you were meeting with us to look at houses (he's our realtor, too). I looked it up, gave him the date and he fixed his voter registration.

I have also found, like you mentioned, that people don't usually argue with you when you have details written down.

Nana said...

You are the bomb! Love ready your info. I am also a paper person and love nothing more than shopping for planner products.

Jaime Barfield said...

I have a journal that I carry for days when daily planning becomes necessary. I keep all important notes at the back of that journal so when I need to reference something I can grab it and flip to the back.