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Monday, April 4, 2016

Creating Focus With a New Set-up for My Planner Dashboard

I did a complete revamp of my inside front pocket and dashboard of my planner.

See how simple and boring it looks?

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That's on purpose!

My planner was getting stuffed with papers that I need to keep easily accessible, but that I don't need every day. I had tracking sticky notes, like my work timesheet, in prime space.

Things had to change.

Emptied Out My Inside Pocket

I emptied my inside pocket into a separate, portable envelope in my tote bag. Of course, if something must be done this week (ike depositing checks), those things will go in the pocket. But only current action items are going there - and only on the day that I need them.

As a bonus, it serves as a reminder of what HAS to be done.

Kept a Clear Page Protector for Sticky Notes

I still use a clear page protector as a dashboard.

However, I am actually trying to mostly keep it empty. That way, if I do put a sticky note on it, I know it is something important TODAY (like a list of things to buy at Target).

Put My Goals First

The biggest change is that now I can see my goals checklist easily! Those are the most important things that I see.

It's not pretty, but it's oh so practical! I'm much happier this way.


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Anonymous said...

Because I'm in a pocket sized planner, I can't put full sized papers (unless folded a certain way) inside my planner. This forces me to only keep what's necessary. Like you did, I may also have to get some kind of a plastic pocket folder for papers I need to carry in my bag (like a doctor's form, coupons, etc) that I don't need to reference daily, but will need on me at some point.

Mary Wimbley said...

This is giving me ideas....

The Fabulous planner said...

Oh! Thank you for writing this, I love it.

Jaime Barfield said...

I have been fond of your dashboard idea since I saw it on your blog. I just recently started using my inside plastic pocket instead of the black hard cover as my dashboard. LOVE IT