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Monday, April 18, 2016

6 Ways to Use a Free Planner Printable - 12 Month Tracker

When I team up with Becky at Planner Fun to offer free printables and new ways to use them, I am rarely stumped.

Usually, my problem is limiting myself to 6 ways to use the printable.

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But I rarely plan yearly, so the 12-month tracker had me stumped at first.

But I buckled down and realized that it was a lack of imagination on my part that was limiting me.

Use the 12-Month Tracker to Organize Chores

A yearly tracker is great for tracking monthly chores, like deep cleaning each room.

Notice that I used A/B/C for three-room rotations (like bedrooms) and A/B for two-room roations (like bathrooms).

It also makes a great rotating chore chart for kids.

Take Control of  Your Weight with This Free Printable

Get organized about weight loss and working out 12 days at a time!

Or track your calories over 1,200.

Track Your Budget

You could create a budget with 5 different categories. Then track whether you go over or under each month.

Manage Depression

My absolute favorite way to use this printable is to manage anxiety and depression. (Note: Pain tracking would also work well with this.)

I use a planner for dealing with depression, but not as well as the visual that this printable creates!

Simply color in your level of anxiety, sadness, or pain. The printable is free, so consider tracking all three!

head on over to Planner Fun to pick up your free planner printable.


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Anonymous said...

I think this chart will be very useful for keeping track of tasks I (should) do monthly, e.g. give flea meds to the dog, wash inside the washing machine (as my appliance repair man advises), wash inside the dishwasher (ditto), check tire pressure and levels of fluids and oil, clean the curtains in one room. Tasks done twice a month could get two entries. With this type of chart I can check off the box when the task is completed or write in the date. Thank you and Becky for the free download.

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