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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Creating Happiness in Your Planner

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I've talked about depression many times at Giftie Etcetera. One of my most popular posts ever is about depression. 

But what about happiness?

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If you are using day-on-2-pages inserts, you likely have extra space.

Use extra space to plan and express joy every day.

*Make a DONE List

Make a list of things that you didn't plan to do today, but still accomplished. 

You can see my list in the lower left corner of the picture. 

It really gives perspective to see how much you actually accomplish!

*Make a FUN List

I call mine "relax" after my word of the year. I add things I love to do, but rarely make time for. Yoga, piano, drawing, walking outside, writing. Whatever makes you happy, have some choices in front of your eyes.

Why I Don't "Schedule" These Things

Sometimes, I schedule yoga or advertising my blog. But, more often, I don't.

I don't HAVE to do those things. My planner is for must do items and should do items. Want to do items are different. I don't want them to ever become a burden!

So, by making happy lists, like DONE and FUN, I manage to approach them with a positive attitude.

It's little things like this that create joy.

You might need more. Maybe you schedule a walk with a friend - or you KNOW you won't walk. That's okay! But also consider these simpler ways to inspire yourself to do good things.

Happiness must be created. It's hard. It's nearly impossible when you are depressed. But this is a step in the right direction!


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susanne fyfe said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I suffer from depression too and will be in a rut with my creativity on bad days. I love the idea of giving suggestions to yourself for fun things to do during the day.
I'm excited to try this out!
Thank you!

Anna said...

I like the idea of the "to-do" list and fun lists. I need to schedule my things for 2 reasons. The first is that I cannot keep a realistic idea of how much time I have in relationship to what I need to do in my head. The other is related to that- when I'm asked to do something, it's easier to say no if it conflicts with something scheduled. In reality, it doesn't make a huge difference, but if I can think in terms of specific time, I can make that call easier.

Not every single thing needs to be scheduled, but I do try to schedule what I can. Some of the things that could be considered non-essential or non-productive, but I find necessary to stay healthy are:
Consistent exercise
Listening to music
Time alone
Conversation with a friend
Creative activities (huge variety: baking, art/crafts, sewing, etc.)
Movie/ TV

These aren't all going to happen on a regular basis, but I fit in what I can.

Mary Wimbley said...

I've actually started doing this recently, but in a different way. I currently use a traveler's notebook as a planner/journal. It currently has three inserts, but I plan to add one more soon specifically for notes pertaining to the novel I'm writing with my best friend. The first insert is a monthly calendar; the second is where the day-to-day magic happens. The third is a place to jot down my lists--books to read, songs I want to download, etc.

The second insert is the one that is getting the most use right now. I'm basically journaling my way through each day, writing out to-do lists as I go. I also make "done" lists and try to list a few good things to counteract any negative feelings I may be experiencing at the time.

So far, this system is working for me. It's helping me get back into a daily writing and journaling habit as well as a planner habit. This system (so far anyway) ensures that I look at my planner more than once a day. I make it fun by using a scented marker to write the dates on each page and occasionally dress up my entries with colored pens, highlighters, and stickers. It's the closest I've been to planner peace in awhile. :)

Unknown said...

Really great idea. I usually get so focused on checking off my to do list that I forget to make room for fun in my day!

Ashleigh said...

I love the DONE LIST idea. Some days I have all this stuff planned, but get distracted with a different, yet equally efficient tasks or something to benefit my life. When I look at my day planner I wonder.. what was I doing all day? When I really did so much, just something different. Get idea!!

Ashleigh @

JES said...

Great addition to a planner! Thank you for linking this week at the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth!

Jaime Barfield said...

I do the fun thing by adding stickers to represent certain things in my planner like library books due or my daughters driving lesson. It is so fun!