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Friday, April 8, 2016

Decorating a Planner With Distracting From Planning

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Let's all be brutally honest. Giftie Etcetera does not feature the prettiest planner pages on the internet.

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Have you stopped laughing yet? :)

I try to be neat and practical in my planner, but I lose something in the process. I lose my pretty.

For the nature decorators among us, welcome. We love your pictures. For others like me, welcome. We love your dedication to purity in planning.

There is a middle ground between us, though. Let's find it together!

Decorate in See-Through Ink

Use kids' markers or stamps to decorate with so that you can still see the information under the decoration.

Draw on the Past Parts of the Page

Only do art on things like days that have already passed on your planner, as in the above photo.

Decorate Permanent Pages

For fancy decorations, focus on more permanent pages, like indexes, filed pages, or tabs.

No matter which monthly pages you order, this technique works! It also helps you to see instantly where today's date is located on a monthly page.

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Carla said...

Yeah, the whole pre-decorating thing did not work for me. First of all, I use both FC Compact and FF Personal size inserts. Not much real estate there. Having stickers and washi already there, is both limiting and distracting to me. However, I do like to have stickers and color on my pages. So, a highlighter (idea came from you, thank you) and a sticker or 2 after that day or week is done and over. Otherwise I get lost in all the pretty.
Like you, I do love to look through all the pretty planners on Pinterest and Instagram. So pre-decorators, keep it up!

Debra said...

I just can't think with all the stuff in my planner I don't know how they can get anything done. My planner is just functional period. I have bought 3 happy planners and I truly tried to make them work. What an epic fail.
My dividers are awesome and so are the borders of my monthly views but the daily's are going to get tossed when there done so I don't see the point.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you all on the decorating front. I'm in a Filofax pocket, but with Moleskine Week on 1 page with notes inserts because the ones that came with the pocket were TEENY. Stickers and washi would just take up much needed room and, yes, distract me from what I need to focus on. I've been trying to break up the blah look of my pages by doodling on blank days or at the bottom of the notes section if I have room. I don't use a lot of color (that distracts too) either as I adore the look of black ink against the cream paper.

Just asking...hope you don't mind....but do you mean 'without distracting' rather than 'with distracting' in the blog title? :)

Jaime Barfield said...

I normally use cute stickers to decorate mine. If I had to draw in my planner, boy I would be in trouble.

Kathi Officer said...

I absolutely love decorating when I am through for the day.or if I make an ugly error to cover it up I use the Create 365, the Happy Planner. I also use the Create 365 decorative stickers and bling, I am 69 and hope my kids enjoy reading them when I ‘m gone.

Sady Doyle said...

This was great to read, thanks