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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Crazy Ways to Save Money

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I try to be frugal, without sacrificing too much time or energy. 

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Here's a list of ideas that work for my family:

1. Turn off the lights.

2. Unplug your stuff

3. Wash clothes only on low and in cold water.

4. Make your own cleaning spray in a reusable bottle: vinegar, water, and dish soap.

5. Consider reusable bags. At Target, you get a $0.05 discount per bag.

6. Use reusable snack bags instead of ziplocs.

7. Refill hand soap instead of buying tons of little soap containers. Or use bar soap!

8. Consider hand towels instead of paper towels for the kitchen.

TIP: Have a clean and dirty towel basket.

9. Do spend money on proper storage for freezer or you'll waste leftovers to freezer burn.

The best part?

Almost all of these save the earth, too!


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Anna said...

Another idea is cloth napkins. I keep a bucket or basin in the kitchen for the dirty ones and wash them with the kitchen towels.

Jaime Barfield said...

Another idea that I use is the Screen door. This time of year it starts warming up in the house. Instead of turning on my air conditioner the minute the heat picks up, I had my hubby install a front screen door. Not only does it air out my house and give my cats a chance to stare outside, it provides a nice bit of air flowing through the house that keeps it comfortable. by doing this, it is usually July before the air conditioner has to be turned on and I live in Georgia.

Thea said...

If you use liquid hand soap, buy the refillable dispenser that creates the foaming hand soap. You only put a small amount of liquid soap in the bottom and fill the container with water. Shake around to mix, and then use as normal. One container of liquid soap will now last you 8 to 10 times longer. Plus, it is much nicer to use.

Dominick said...

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