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Friday, May 15, 2015

Planner Tabs: The Case for Less Than a Handful

Planner tabs are used to divide a paper planner into sections. My planner only has four tabs now.

I know that number comes as a shock to a lot of planner people. It's crazy low, right?

planner, tabs, sections

It works, though, because I select the tabs so carefully.

I use no tab for my dashboard (consisting of sticky notes and blank paper).

After that, I put my projects section (not pictured). I used to have my master task list after that, but since I rarely use it except as a dumping ground, I made that list one of my active projects!

(That's a little bit brilliant. Don't you agree?)

Then I have calendar, future, and notes.

I still use tons of post-it tabs, to mark project sections or notes sections. But having only four permanent tabs means a lighter, thinner profile for my planner. It also mean, ironically, that I get to things more quickly when I have fewer options.

How many tabs do you have? What are they labeled as?



KariP said...

This go around, I'm down to 2. FOCUS and FILES. The combined dashboard and inbox, plastic folder with pockets, then blank papers and stickies, does not get a tab. In the Focus section are my Contacts, Prayers, Quotes, and Goals (all the stuff/tools to help keep me centered.) Also there, is the calendar which needs no sub-tab because it's on the larger FC Compact. Tab #2 is the Files section, A-Z tabs for reference only. Daily notes become part of a file. Streamlined process, but that file section makes my binder kinda thick. When in diet mode, this goes, or seriously gets cut.

Debbie said...

I am not using tabs that much lately because I am in the process of going paper free. I still want to keep my kitchen inventory list and goals on paper for accountability. All the rest needs to go away though.

muzsi said...

hard to say, because I have more then one planner it would be a cheat. I have a planner for calendar, one for projects, one for infos, one for 17 dividers (future planning).
In my main planner I have 5
lists - with subcategories
yearly overview
planning section
very important infos (as the pin code to all family members phone)

Jaime Barfield said...

currently I do not use tabs. I use a daily planner for most everything, but I keep a monthly on my desk for some future planning. I normally use a weekly, but I seem to be doing well with the daily planner.

Mary Wimbley said...

I don't use tabs at the moment, either. Mine is a spiral-bound monthly/weekly Family Plus planner by DayTimer. I use a clip-in bookmark from my old work planner to mark the current week--well, I guess you could count that as my "tab." lol

I have made custom planners in the past, and I've been thinking about making one again. Using a few carefully chosen tabs does sound like a good idea. I'll keep that in mind if I decide to go that route. :)