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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sparkly Clean, Organized Houses - Only on TV

I understand that television is fake. But I think directors could change one little thing to make sitcoms seem more real.

They could add a sink full of dishes to the set.

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My kitchen (pictured above) is not a mess. But (left to clockwise) my chairs are not tucked carefully under the table, my purses and bags are unzipped and hanging haphazardly over my desk, and there is a mug and a plate on my side table.

That's the reality. A bachelor on a sitcom? He has a Mountain Dew can, open and empty, on some surface. A college girl? She has four pairs of shoes slipped off right in the doorway. A mom? There's probably sticky orange juice on the counter and a pile of mail to sort.

Sitcoms could really up the realism by simply letting the sets get messy.

Why don't they? I, for one, would welcome the recognition that things are not perfect in real life.

So, vote in the comments - sparkly sets or realistic sets? I'd love to hear what you think.


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Jaime Barfield said...

I agree that sitcoms should be more realistic. I just had to clean my kitchen yesterday! I personally like the show "Melissa and Joey" because in it there is a little bit more realism in the way the kitchen looks.

DonnaB said...

Your kitchen looks sparkly compared to mine!

maccie2 said...

I'm with you Giftie-- when I do actually have a sparkling clean kitchen, (oh maybe twice a year) I want to take a picture.

Mary Wimbley said...

Hey Susan--I actually do take pictures of my kitchen when I clean it! No joke! It helps me stay motivated to keep it that way. :)

And I agree--real kitchens get messy, so TV kitchens should get messy, too. And every sitcom should have at least one scene where the characters are arguing over whose turn it is to do dishes. That could be hilarious if played right. :D

Anonymous said...

Kitchen? The set designers have no clue what a real home looks like? None of the rooms pictured on TV, or in the movies, or in magazine photos are anywhere near realistic.

My home is lived in, around, and through. I subscribe to the notion that a home should be clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy.

Dianne in the desert

Anonymous said...

Set designers live in real homes too. They don't have the sets messy for a very real reason. It isn't real, and they have to retake shots over and over, piecing together the results. They messier the set, the harder it is to get the continuity right on the many takes. Julie