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Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Use the Notes Space on a Weekly Spread

Unfortunately, many weekly inserts (I'm talking to you, Filofax!) don't include an undated notes space in the spread. I won't settle for a weekly spread without a notes section included somewhere.

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TIP: If you must use a spread without a blank notes section, consider a hole-punched page divider in the center for that information.

For me, this small space if critical for three reasons.

1. Overflow - The empty space serves as an overflow space for details about date-specific entries that need more information (like an address or phone number or reminder about dress code) than is available in the dated spaces.

2. Notes - Notes from telephone calls, confirmation numbers, or anything else that needs recording and archiving and is week or day specific goes here.

3. Lists - Weekly lists are perfect for this space. Menus, what to wear, or items that are worth thinking about (like what gift to give a birthday boy in two weeks) fit perfectly in this extra space.

There are weeks when this space stays empty. That is okay! It is still not wasted space, as the blank area means nothing was noteworthy that week.

How do you use your note space?



~ Mari said...

Doodling :)

Jaime Barfield said...

I use my notespace in my planner for my "to do" list. Many tasks that I need to perform in that day, week, etc. It comes in very handed for me. I'm bad about using a post-it note when I need to add a phone number or address for place.

mppaul2 said...

Big things I need to complete that week but don't have a time specific urgency.. Just sometime that week.

Anonymous said...

I used to use it to write down one or two big things i needed to do that week (apart from daily tasks)