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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Best Tricks for Never Ever Forgetting to Use Your Planner

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The single biggest hurdle for people new to using a planner (and...ahem...some of us more experienced folks) is to remember to write things down and look at them again.

Using a planner, planner, writing in a planner

Establishing the planner habit is challenging. But with dedication and some tricks to help you remember to use it, the planner habit can become part of your routine and your life.

*Carry Your Planner Everywhere

I've gotten good enough at using and depending on my planner that I can occasionally leave it in the car when I run in the park or have dinner with a friend. 

(Note that I do not leave it at home. I might need to go back to the car to plan our next dinner date!)

(The term "run" required a bit of creative license. It's more of a slow walk.)

But when first starting or restarting dependence on a planner, get a bag big enough to carry it and carry it everywhere.

*Dedicate Homes for Your Planner

Think about how a planner is used and pick a placement that makes sense.

I jot ingredients on my grocery list and meal ideas in the kitchen. I peek in my planner in the morning to see what to wear, based on the day's schedule. I always use my planner next to my laptop, adding tasks to my lists or crossing them out.

Therefore, I have three dedicated places for my planner (in addition to my purse/work bag). 

In the kitchen, it goes on my desk in a book holder

In the bedroom, it goes on my side table in a designated tray

And any other time, it's next to my computer.

NOTE: More than one home might make good sense, but KNOW the locations and use them exclusively.

*Set an Alarm for Routine Review of Your Planner

Until there is a clear routine of looking at and using your planner, consider a three times per day alarm. (Just because I love paper doesn't mean that I don't love technology, too!)

Choose the times carefully. I need to look at my planner first thing in the morning, upon arrival at work, and when I get home in the afternoon. You might prefer other times. That's fine. What's important is that the alarm teaches you to rely on the planner.

*Write Everything Down

For now, if you must do it, if you think about it, or if you did it, write it down.

With time, you will learn what you need reminders of (like taking out the trash on Tuesdays, since I ALWAYS forget) and what you don't (like brushing my teeth).

But err in the direction of writing too much at first. That step serves two purposes: 1) creating the habit of writing in your planner and 2) opening your planner day after day, all day long.

*Log Some Stuff

I don't track water intake. I naturally drink a ton of water, plus I use a refillable container to ensure that I get enough. It would be silly for me to track water.

But you might want to log water intake, calorie intake, or bedtimes. Maybe you log what your wear to work, phone calls, or meals that are a hit with your family.

The thing about having a log is that you are forced to use your planner on a regular basis, so you get into the planner habit.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas for remembering to use your planner!

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Jennifer at The Champagne Supernova said...

I stink at actually using my planner so these tips are helpful. Another good one is to use a planner that's cute that you want to look at every day. I know Lilly Pulitzer came out with a line of planners that are adorable and put me in a better mood just by looking at them. Cheers!

KariP said...

I'm with Jennifer on this. A cute planner makes me want to open it up everyday. Mine is a raspberry color that seems to be my Happy color. Then with the light blue (turquoise) Frixion, I have no trouble checking it.
Thank you for your reminders. Very timely.

Laura said...

I needed this so much. I used to be such a dedicated planner user back when I worked in an office. Now that I work in healthcare and don't technically have an office, I am so out of the habit of using a planner at all. I really need the reminders and lists that I can keep in a planner but do such a horrible job of actually looking inside and using it.

Anonymous said...

I'm generally ok with using my planner during the day. I need to find place for it at home as you suggest.

Dee said...

I work in healthcare, so my "office" is in my pocket >>>> fauxdori, which I use as a bullet journal. I use a pocket Filofax for larger working projects like policies and procedures, notes, and the A-Z dividers is a great portable filing system.

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