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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kids Can Do Chores (Video)

My kids, Loki (age 6) and Ander (age 9), explain all about doing the chores in the video at this link.

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My favorite part is when the 6 year old rats out Mommy over her "shoe" issue. The issue? I drop them wherever I take them off.


*Make chores routine, so kids feel confident doing them.

*Make chores age-appropriate, but remember that even young kids can do something.

*Make chores a family activity.

*Praise, praise, praise. Let your kids make a video bragging about what they do! (Feel free to share the link to your video in the comments.)

*Give the kids tangible rewards, like electronic time or playtime outside, as soon as the chore is done. (We don't pay for chores and kids who are not cheerfully - or at least not sullenly - helpful don't get rewards.)

Enjoy the video!


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Mary Wimbley said...

Great video, and what an awesome idea! I'm going to show this video to my kid and make sure he knows we can post a video, too. I'm betting it will motivate him big time! :)

Unknown said...

Loved the video! And great tip from the boys about making chores fun. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)