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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Subliminal Motivation

First, read this link about Clutter.

Second, consider the implications if this is true. You could trick your spouse and kids into keeping the house clean. Your efforts will be rewarded.

If this works, it is a wonderful thing. If I wasn't all weak and feverish (is it normal to have fever on DAY FIVE of a cold?), I'd conduct a cleanign experiment myself.


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Mathochist said...

Ugh! I try this theory out every week, and it DOES NOT work in my house. My kitchen is completely clean every Thursday afternoon after the housekeeper leaves. By Saturday morning the counters are completely covered in dirty dishes and filth nobody bothers to wipe up. 90-95% of this is not mine. But some are, because by the time it's half covered, I get disgusted and give up. (So I think their study is right on the money!)