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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Not Going To Lie

I am shocked that no body shot at the President. I was so scared for him that I held my breath as I watched the oath. I know there is still hatred out there. I'm thrilled, though, that my children will never learn that hate. They will know about it, of course, as a cautionary tale. Let's not ever have a country again where a citizen cannot be elected because of gender or skin color.

I spent a lot of time on Facebook today. In part, I've been going through a backlog of work. It's mostly e-mails and to do list issues, so I have been able to check Facebook while e-mails load up. Also, I feel the need to connect.

Alan and I had a fight over the need to connect with others. I get noticably sad if I don't connect to lots of people. I miss people when I don't see them for a while. Last week, home with the flu, I felt very alone. I got tons of well wishes, so to Alan, who is okay by himself for weeks at a time, it's noncomprehensible. He pointed out that we went out to dinner. I pointed out that I need connections every single day. He seemed clueless.

Is it just me? Others seem fine with alone time. I need alone time - to read or sleep. But otherwise, I'd prefer to be with people. That's why I work in coffee shops. That's why I want to go out with friends all the time. My perfect weekend? Coffee with hubby on Friday night. Lunch with friends on Saturday. Mall walking Sunday afternoon with a sibling. I need connections, not quiet, for my sanity.

After a week out sick, I'm feeling insane.

But thankful that our President did okay.



Sammy Jankis said...

I'm shocked that callers in to talk radio this morning on more than one occasion attempted to start their conversation with "I can only hope he doesn't survive his first term in . . ." before the host cut the call.

Robyn said...

Knowing that there are people out there who just can't accept what is going on, I have been wondering what the procedure is if the president elect was killed before being sworn in. Is the vice president elect sworn in as the new president? Does the old president stay in office until a new election can be held?

As for being alone, my first thought was that I like being by myself, and I don't need conversation everyday. But the second part of that thought is false. Even if I am void of any other human contact for a while, I always have my dog with me. And we have plenty of conversations! One sided, yes, but I talk to him all day long. I ask him questions. I tell him jokes. I fill him in on what's going on on tv. But I do love the days of no phone calls, not internet, and doing whatever I want to do.

Stac Cole said...

I started typing a response and it got so long that I just turned it into a blog :)

As for the alone time...I CRAVE alone time. But when I get it, after about 10 minutes I'm absolutely bored and need to be around people. I think we're just wired that way K because we come from such a large and close family and we grew up constantly being around people. You couldn't ever go to Mawmie's to visit and not have another family there!!

Frog said...

I LOVE time with my friends! I too need that! I LOVE going to lunch, dinner, having gatherings. I feel the same as you. B doesn't understand either. He also thinks I'm nuts for wanting to reconnect with friends from elementary school, etc...

Krumpledwhiskers said...

It's scary how long I can go without being around people. I love alone time and can't recharge without it. Introvert versus extrovert. That's all.

I had the same feeling about the shooting. I really wondered if something was going to happen and I'm so glad that it did not.

pacatrue said...

I too rejuvenate through alone time.