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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Does Everyone Else Worry All The Time?

It's not like I think I need meds or have anxiety disorcer of some sort. I imagine, in my mind, that everyone worries as much as I do. I used to mostly worry about money. I sort of stopped worrying about money. I made some better choices - cooking at home, carrying a cash allowance, and working on billable work first - and am getting better about money stuff. I still worry a bit, but I don't obsess.

I do obsess about the piles of crap in my house. I have Christmas boxes in the trash, still, because only one broken down box fits in the trash per week. But they drive me crazy. I never put my shoes away. I just throw them in a basket. But the basket drives me crazy. I worry about whether my tires are aired up on my car. I worry about whether I'm spending too much time with my kids (and therefore smothering them with discipline and structure) or too little (and therefore letting them run wild and be lonely). I worry, worry, worry. When I leave work, I think about it. Constantly. I worry about my clients. I worry about the economy. I worry about my husband (who, realistically, seems fine, BTW).

I see others, and I suspect other people aren't like this. I suspect that when they aren't working, they rarely think about work. I suspect that they don't obsess over raising their kids. I suspect that other people relax and enjoy themselves when 5 p.m. comes around.

Instead, I just keep thinking of my alarm clock.

I need a cruise. On a ship. Yep, no meds, no doctors. Just an easy cure of people taking care of everything and no need to go anywhere to get food.

Please, please, please let me win the Powerball.



Brien Louque said...

I worry all the time - mostly about stuff I don't have control over, precisely because I have no control over it. Unfortunately, I don't have any easy answers on how to deal with it because I'm still trying to deal with it myself, but you definitely aren't alone.

Anonymous said...

>>Does Everyone Else Worry All The Time?<<

Like Brien, over those things I can't control and over the things I can control.

Very little sleep and peace of mind....


Beorn said...

I dunno about everyone else, but I do. Constantly. Responsibility + Ambition = Worry. The only thing I've found that (partially) works is to throw myself into fixing the stuff I can control, leaving me little time to worry about other things. Except at red lights, in the shower, before bed, while eating breakfast, or any other time my brain isn't sufficiently occupied.

And speaking of worry, I hope that that call wasn't a faux pas.

Mommy said...

i do worry, but it isn't constant. I leave work at work and need 30 minutes in the morning to remember what i do.

I really only worry when there is an immediate "danger". Once it has passed, i let it go, but if the situation lingers then i will continue to worry.

Krumpledwhiskers said...

I feel like that when things aren't in balance in my life. I find that when I fix whatever it is that is unbalancing me, the worry tends to decrease. It doesn't go away completely because I'm a worrier by nature, but I find far less to worry about.