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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeding My Kid

I hate thinking of what to feed Ander. It used to be so simple - formula, then milk and oatmeal, then mac 'n cheese. But I'm worried that he's not getting nearly enough veggies (he is not) and way to much frozen food. I try not to cater. For example, if you ask what he wants for lunch, the answer is predetermined: peanut butter and jellies on a sandwich. His words, not mine. But wouldn't a roast beef sandwich with sliced tomatoes, for a bit of variety, be better? Maybe with some grapes for desert?

So I don't ask.

And he doesn't complain. He just leaves the roast beef sandwich, sitting there, all wasted.




Frog said...

I have the same problem!! My son won't really eat vegetables. He use too... now I don't know why he won't. He'll eat anything else Burnell cooks, so that's good! The problem is he wants to eat as soon as he gets home from school...

Mathochist said...

We don't get enough veggies here either. But that is more my fault than their tastes. Corn & green beans constitute most of their veggie intake. Although the other night Katie filled up on cucumber slices while the rest of us devoured gumbo.

My kids start asking for celery (de-strung, sliced into little sticks) after they started watching the WonderPets. You could try that... :)

What about dipping things in ranch? Not an option for us because of the eggs & milk, but I have several friends whose kids love their veggies as long as they can dip them.

Stac Cole said...

Or melted cheese. It's the only my kids will eat broccoli, or trees as Nic calls them,...well, if I ever actually cooked broccoli. But they look forward to it when we go to Piccadilly.

Other than that, all I can say is that kids' taste buds change often. Even if he doesn't like it now, keep offering it and one day he may decide that he likes it.

OR, you could be like your mom and cook 6 separate meals for everyone :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had advice. But my son, the former adventurous eater, has turned into someone who won't eat pb&js. All I can say is keep giving him a healthy variety and maybe, someday, he'll learn to like more foods.

Oh, and if you find a vegetable he likes, serve it regularly. We eat cucumbers two or three times a week around here.


Janelle smells said...

ketchup is a veggie right?