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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apparently There Are Blog Awards

And I am not nominated for any of them. What gives?

It's probably because I talk about politics and poop and (sorry Brien) boobie juice and icky health stuff, right? Anyway, today's blog is about the red, swollen, crusty eye that is throbbing all the way down my face and into my shoulder.

Should I get an award for that?

Here's a reminder, from back when I was pregnant, of what it looked - and still looks - like:

Yuck. I'm on my third antibiotic drop therapy since July 4, 2008 (yep, you read that right) and on my third doctor for it. I've even seen whatever the eye specialists (the real, serious ones) are called. Optisomethings?

It got better near the end of the pregnancy. Then I got the epidural, and that side of my face swoll up. I took drops again, and it went away. Now it's back. I'm taking eye drops (which are white and gooey and burn and taste they drip down my throat...come on - THAT is so worthy of an award or two) regularly, every three hours, except when I sleep. To no avail. (I probably don't get blog awards because I don't write complete sentences or even proofread, right?)

My left side of my face, and my body a bit, hurts. It totally sucks. The doctor all just nod and say, "yes, an infection. These drops should help."

They do not help.

I'm no Amalah, but I need an award, dammit.


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