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Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Not Saying W Is Dumb

I do not actually know if our current President is dumb. He certainly has the credentials, on paper, to be bright. But he certainly comes off as, well, an idiot. And that's apart from his politics. His father never struck me as unintelligent. President Reagan sounded smart, even as I disagreed with his politics. But W just sounds sort of d'uh.

I wasn't sure about Obama. Obama's politics are much like mine. I only disagree with Obama on a handful of issues. But, frankly, I voted for Clinton in the primary because, to my ears, she sounded smarter.

There you have it. Edwards and Obama just didn't seem as smart.

Then, last week, I heard Constitutional Law scholar Obama reading the portion of one of his books where he discusses the Supreme Court.

I love Constitutional Law. I made the highest grade in my Constitutional Law class at LSU Law. I was a finalist in a National Moot Court competition, based on a constitutional law argument. I have a Juris Doctorate. (Note that I am not bragging - I barely stumbled through Torts...LOL - but simply listing my qualifications to make the next statement.) I am not the caliber expert on Supreme Court and Constitutional Law that Obama is, but I am a qualified enough expert to say with great regard that the man, at least when it comes to law, is GENUIS.

I wonder how many people understand that. He's so likable. My own personal biases make likable usually not mean brilliant in my mind. But I'm wrong. He is brilliant. Will he be effective? Who knows. But I plan to read more about what he writes regarding the Supreme Court, because I can learn something from him.


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