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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Save Money and Time: The Duplicate Secret

I've discovered a simple way to save time, money, and space in my home.

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Whenever I get samples or extras of something, I store it with the main item. Then, when I go to use something (say the sample toothpaste above that my dentist gave to me), I use the smaller product first.

TIP: Use the smaller amount of anything (toothpaste, soap, food) first!

It sounds silly, but it means that I don't have to store all those tiny soaps or shampoos forever, in case I use them later. I am using them - right now. I use them right away, then go back to my favorite brand of soap.

It saves money because I buy less of those things and can, at a glance, keep track of how much I have on hand and avoid overbuying. It saves time, both shopping time and time finding more toothpaste. Not having too many duplicates also saves space.

(Obviously, there are exceptions. I buy my toilet paper in bulk and on sale, so other than the roll by the toilet, I have a special place to store all of it.)


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