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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

7 Fun Ways to Use a Planner

I pulled out my smart phone at dinner to post a Facebook status about a funny quote from my six year old, but it was out of charge.

So I jotted the status in my planner to write down later.

fun, planner

I use my planner in fun ways all the time!

*Record Facebook statuses to post later.

*Play Tic Tac Toe or Hangman while waiting with the kids at the doctor's office.


*Write "honey do" lists for your spouse to take care of later.

(These are fun because they involve zero work for me.)

*Take a page of blank paper and make a paper airplane.

*Practice fancy handwriting.

*Make wish lists.

If you didn't read the quote in the picture, make sure that you do. It's pretty humorous.

Happy planning!


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Anonymous said...

This made me smile and reminded me of the time my 6 year old gave me a "World's Best Lover" mug for Mother's Day...because I loved everyone in our family so much. *grin*

~ Mari said...

I like the idea of paper airplanes! :D