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Monday, April 27, 2015

Planner Hack: Temporary Planner Pages

On a regular basis (like every single day), I get lazy. I'll do my planning, but not follow through. I'll write half of a word and believe, foolishly, that I will remember what I meant later. I use tags to move around reminders so that I don't have to rewrite routine tasks.

And, sometime, I rip out a planner page and move it somewhere else.

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No bothering with rings for me. Nope. Just rip out quickly and move to someplace else.

It works because the quick rip leaves tiny tears between the left edge of the paper and the hole punch holes. Those tears allow you to press the page securely into your planner.

It occurred to me that such a trick could be used for good instead of evil.

If you make a temporary list (say, a task list for a big meeting coming up or an errands list for a certain day), there is no need to go through the trouble of opening the planner to the dashboard to get blank paper, writing on the paper, undoing the rings, and moving the paper to the area where you need it (like project pages or in the weekly spread).

Instead, if you rip the paper out quickly, you can then press it gently into the rings anywhere in your planner.

For example, tomorrow I substitute teach. It will be a light teaching schedule with many breaks, but I won't have proper wi-fi access. I will need something to do during the breaks.

In addition to my usual daily docket page, I plan to make a temporary task list of things that need doing, but can be done at the school and without wi-fi (such as calling for a doctor's appointment, entering my receipts into my accounting app, and revising a document in Word). That list will be placed next to my daily docket in my weekly spread.

I want to keep the list, so I can continue it when I next substitute teach, but it will move to another week by then.

Of course, I COULD just open the rings and move the paper. But this technique has so many advantages over opening the rings:

* Tearing out the page forces me to complete the list BEFORE the little slits next to the hole punches wear out and allow the paper to fall out of my planner.

* The torn pages remind me that this list is temporary.

* Having torn pages makes it easy for me, psychologically, to toss the list once complete. (You know you have the same problems with hoarding planner pages!)

* I get to be lazy!

NOTE: I do NOT recommend this hack for permanent pages. Only use on temporary pages, as the effectiveness wears out and pages will fall out of your planner if you move them too often.

Be sure to comment below if you have other ideas for ways to use this hack. Of course, comments on my hoarder tendencies and how you share them are also encouraged.



KariP said...

Yup, that’s how I use the little memo pads from the Target $1 Spot. Temporary, movable lists like the grocery list, or my list of exercises, to my someday/maybe I’ll get around to this list, and the menu. These holes are reinforced and clipped, so not as temporary as a list of things to do that day, for which this is perfect. I love my ring binder for the ease of moving pages around, but I’m often too lazy to deal with them, and sometimes the clip sound is just inappropriate.

Unknown said...

How about a snip with scissors from paper edge to center of each hole?

Becky @ Planner Fun said...

Good idea! I gave that a try yesterday with my menu while making a grocery list; I double punched the other side and slid it in to keep it in place (does that make sense?) - another great idea1

SmileyGirl said...

I use the Arc notebook from Staples - Levenger also has one. This has the notched pages that you can move them around just like this but they are more stable. Just another thought!