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Friday, April 10, 2015

Bravely Facing the Blank Planner Page

Whether you are facing a blank monthly spread, blank weekly spread, or a simple blank piece of paper, decisions have to be made about where information will go in your planner before you start writing.

blank paper, planner, franklin covey

Whatever you decide, the format that you create will affect your choices. What stands out? What do you do first? Where you do write new stuff that comes up?

For me, these decisions are made BEFORE I write a single thing on the page.

I make a template of where I want to place things on the page.

blank paper, planner, franklin covey

TIP: Make a Note called Templates and put a sketch of each recurring template in your ABC Files/Notes section of your planner.

Now, I don't always draw out the template. In this example (my grocery shopping list), I KNOW the template so well that I don't need to draw it. But I drew it anyway, to show you how it is set-up.

blank paper, planner, franklin covey

Where I place things matters. The checklist (top left corner) comes first because it gets done BEFORE I leave the house. (It includes things like checking if husband needs anything and bringing coupons with me.) Dry food is separate from cold food to make shopping easier in the actual store.

TIP: Use a map of the store (usually available on-line or from customer service) to set up your template.

I even do this for my usual monthly (Franklin Covey 365), weekly (Plan Ahead small planner), or Daily (Quo VadisTextagenda or Notor) planner pages.

Here's a second example with a blank page, just so that you can follow my thinking process.

blank paper, planner, franklin covey

On the left column, timed event gets written because those cannot be missed and English readers read from left to right and top to bottom.

Errands are separate from other tasks, since they an only be done while on the road.

Notes are least important, so they go on the bottom.

TIP: Have a place to write the day/date if you make your own daily or weekly plan.

blank paper, planner, franklin covey

TIP: Remember, most important stuff goes to the top left. Separate out things that don't belong together because they won't be done together. And reserve the bottom right for the least important or upcoming information.

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Nicole | Pharr Away said...

I really need to plan out my errands better like this, especially grocery shopping. That tip about the grocery store layout is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Sam @ PancakeWarriors said...

You are way more organized than me! I get so distracted, even putting things in the planner gets me distracted lol!

The Kitchen Wife said...

I just ordered my first erin condrin. I am hoping to get my life organized using a lot of your tips!

Carrie This Home said...

I like your method of time management. It really forces you to put what matters most at the top of the list so you can be sure they get done. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Hilda Rodgers said...

I like how you've laid out your page and that you've grouped the most important things first and on the left so they aren't forgotten. So helpful!