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Friday, February 6, 2015

Before and After: Better Post-it Colors for My Planner

Loyal Readers may have noticed that I don't care much for decorating my planner. It's already pretty on the outside, and the insides are just like I like them - practical.

But the wild colors available in most post-its, including the ones on my dashboard, drive my eyes crazy. Brights greens, yellows, and pinks are just not me.


post-it, colors, planner

Fortunately, I found a new line - the New York City Collection - and I love all the colors (except the yellow). The light greys and blues coordinate quite well with my black and white Franklin Covey Flourish.

post-it, colors, planner

I am much happier with my dashboard now.


post-it, colors, planner

Why don't companies make stuff like Post-its in more subtle colors?



Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

I love Post It Notes!! They make my work day so much more fun.

Geertrude said...

I think post-its are supposed to jump out to you, but I agree those subtle colors look way better. I hope they make their way to my part of the world (The Netherlands) soon.
I've been reading through your archives and wanted to thank you. I love your practical advice and no-nonsense attitude. Though I read lots of organizing blogs for "eye-candy", yours is the first that really made sense to me. Decorated planners and color sorted everything looks great, but it doesn't help me to get anything done.
I bought a pocket planner this week and hope to get my todo lists and projects under control soon using your tips and tricks. I've been known to have a todo list that just read "1. clean house 2. write book" - and that didn't work out too well. ;-)

KariP said...

My binder is solid black vinyl, which I actually prefer to leather... lighter, so bright little flags pop out and are welcomed. Since I'm currently using a vertical layout, there's not much space for any washi tape or stickers other than tiny mark-it dots. However, when I need/get to use a daily page, I can go nuts with colors.

Geertrude said...

Um, just reread my comment and now I keep seeing post-its literally jumping out of their pads and attacking ;-) I think it should be jump out *at* you. Visually. Well, I guess you got what I meant.
And that's why I hardly ever comment on non-Dutch blogs anymore... there's always some quirk in my English and I'm too much a perfectionist to let it go.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I was a lovely quirk, Geertrude. :)

Unknown said...

I always wondered why post it never came in just plain white...

But these colours are really pretty! So +1!

Bree said...

I'm not a huge sticky note fan to begin with - they often wander off, stick to things they aren't meant to, etc.

At work, we buy from Quill and they have softer pastels. I like those slightly better.